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Our founder envisioned creating when her Boxer developed a little known disease, and she had trouble finding a veterinarian specialist to treat him. PetXpress organizes veterinarian and other pet services according to their specialties. This enables an animal guardian to find the services needed to provide the best veterinarian medical care for their pet companions.  We are starting our marketing campaign in Northern California and will expand nationwide. We add to our database every day. Please help us spread our mission to the veterinarian and pet services community. Together we can make it only a click away to find the veterinary specialty and services our pets need.

PetXpress promotes sole proprietors, small veterinary chain businesses, and veterinarians universities . To become a vet on this site please click on the "medical supplies" link and follow the directions.

We send our respect, blessings and thanks to those who work in the animal medical profession.

Guest and members, PetXpress is free for you as well. We will have this function available soon. is honored to host the leading website for free online pet prayers and custom memorials.





This website is dedicated to my first Boxer, Jo Jo, and to all of my animal companions who have loved me in the past, present and future. It is also dedicated to all individuals who have experienced pain and prayers, grieving in silence when those around us did not understand the deep and loving bond between us and our animal family members. May this website help you feel compassion and support, so that you know you are not alone. The supporters of this website and I are praying for you and your pet family members. May peace be with you all.

- Kathleen, Founder